Jamón de Trevélez is present in many countries, and can be found in specialist outlets and gourmet shops around the world, as a high quality product.

Jamón de Trevélez is currently present in such EU countries as France, Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, and countries such as Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Canada.

The idea is to keep increasing the presence of Jamón de Trevélez in more countries, and to do that, the work carried out by the Regulatory Board for Jamón de Trevélez PGI is of vital importance.

This Regulatory Board is in charge of the protection, spread and promotion of Jamón de Trevélez, getting people to know the product, the traditional production method and characteristics and qualities that make it unique. They are in charge of the exporting of Jamón de Trevélez across the world, both in Spain itself as well as the other countries where it is now available and where it is known and appreciated, in and countries where it is not present yet and is still an unknown product.