Ham under «Jamón de Trévelez» Protected Geographical Indication is exclusively obtained of pigs from crosses of the breeds Landrace, Large-White and Duroc-Jersey. The pigs are raised on vegetable feeds.
Ham is made using the highest quality leg of white, castrated male or female pigs, selecting soft fatty meat.
Sea salt is used (without preservatives or nitrifying bacteria).
The production process and the special climatic conditions of the production area enable the elaboration of ham with a low salt content.
The drying and curing process is done in a natural way using traditional methods.
A long and natural curing process of over 14 months helps release the aromas and flavours.



The «Jamón de Trévelez» is a rounded ham, covered with the rind and having the trotter attached. It is medium to medium-large in size.
The meat is red and slightly pale due to the lack of nitrate salts, glistens when cut with partial fat infiltration in the muscle tissue.
The fat has a greasy consistency, and is shiny and white.


It is aromatic and soft and light tasting. It is juicy and barely salted. The fat is pleasant to the taste.