amón de Trevélez is a white pork ham made in a traditional way, the production process being the same for centuries and passed down from generation to generation.

It is a product that is linked with the geographical surroundings in which it is produced, where climatic conditions such as altitude, temperature and humidity give the product the unique qualities which have traditionally characterised it.

The Jamón de Trevélez PGI production area is located in places at more than 1,200 metres in the municipal areas of Trevélez, Juviles, Busquistar, Pórtugos, La Tahá, Bubión, Capileira and Bérchules, all of them in the south face of Sierra Nevada, within the National Park of the same name, in the Alpujarra Alta area, in the province of Granada.

These towns are known as “white villages” located close to the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, in a land that is both wild and full of life, with rivers and ravines of pure, crystalline water which water the land. They are surrounded by chestnut, oak, walnut and pine trees and other vegetation which has adapted to the climate.

The Alpujarras is an area rich in history and differing landscapes, from the alpine snowy peaks in the north, to the beaches and ocean in the south. It has a natural, cultural, gastronomical and traditional richness which makes it unique and special. The people are simple, friendly, hardworking and closely linked to the land, capable of adapting to the changes that globalisation brings around and develop their surroundings and industry to deliver the highest quality products to the rest of the world.